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Responsive and flexible team

 “As an independent construction professional working in the business over 10 years in the Ottawa area, I have worked with the owners of MicGil Property Solutions on several of their projects. They are very easy to work with and very responsive but more importantly I find them to be very flexible and creative in solving problems encountered throughout the renovation process. While their knowledge of real estate is extensive they are always open to hearing and implementing solutions offered by others. Based on my experience I would recommend them to general contractors as solid folks to work with on residential redevelopment projects” – Ron Corkum

Invest with peace of mind

“I have personally known the owners of MicGil Property Solutions for over 20 years. I have seen firsthand the last 4 projects they have worked on in the Ottawa – Gatineau area. They continually amaze me with their creativeness and drive with their projects.  I have also used their expertise and efforts in renovating my own property. As they expand their residential redevelopment business, we plan on taking advantage of their vast real estate knowledge and sound investment strategies by becoming an active investor in their upcoming projects. Their proven track record allows me to feel completely comfortable investing with them.” – Maria Espinosa-Gobuyan

Sharing their knowledge and experience 

 “When I decided to renovate my property I called up the owners of MicGil Property Solutions for help. Not only did they help validate the design ideas I had they actually got their hands dirty and I mean dirty by helping me with all aspects of the project including the landscaping. The changes that they help me make allowed me get more money than I had expected when I sold that property. Life changes resulted in a move from Ottawa to Montreal. When I found a property I was serious I purchasing Montreal, the first people I called were MicGil Property Solutions. Within 3 hours they were there with me visiting the property and offering their advice. This demonstrates their commitment to go to the extra mile to help. I am now looking at purchasing a property in the Ottawa area and I am consulting with MicGil Property Solutions and their team of experts they have built to help me secure my next property.” – Nickolus Plowden


Les propriétaires de MicGil Property Solutions ne cessent de m’étonner. J’ai été témoin de première main de cinq projets auxquels ils ont travaillé, incluant l’un des miens. Je suis étonné tant par leur approche, dévouement et engagement global envers chaque projet que par la qualité du projet fini. Leurs réalisations à ce jour ont été d’envergure croissante, allant de projets assez simples comme l’aménagement paysager et l’installation d’un patio pour un jumelé existant jusqu’à un projet ayant nécessité design et construction intégrale d’une résidence de prestige. Je ferais appel sans hésiter à l’équipe de MicGil Property Solutions pour l’un de mes futurs besoins immobiliers.”  – Germain Hamel


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