Property Types to Watch for In 2016

Posted by Michael Lawrence // April 12, 2016

property types MicGil Property Solutions

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation predict the sales of several property types will slow slightly in 2016 in the Ontario market. This is because they expect the previous increase due to investments in the east from our lower Canadian dollar and decreased activity in Alberta from lower energy prices will level out. Bob Dugan, chief […]

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When Should You Buy A Starter Home?

Posted by Michael Lawrence // March 29, 2016

starter home MicGil Property Solutions

Many renters dream of buying a starter home. They see themselves living without a landlord, free to do what they want with their own space. Home ownership suits many people, but it does take preparation to buy. Here are some considerations to help you prepare. Are You Ready To Buy? You may think you should […]

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7 Reasons Your Home Is Not Selling

Posted by Michael Lawrence // March 15, 2016

Home Is Not Selling MicGil Property Solutions

You think you’ve done everything right, but your home is not selling. If you feel like you’ve tried almost everything, you may have to revisit a few common obstacles before it does. With these issues out of the way, you can finally move forward in life and get your profits in the bank instead of […]

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Buying An Ottawa Home: Where Should I Start?

Posted by Michael Lawrence // March 1, 2016

Ottawa Home MicGil Property Solutions

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying an Ottawa home, but you’re a little baffled about where you should start. After all, buying a home is a major purchase and you want to ensure you get the best deal possible for your money. Here are a few suggestions on how you can plan to buy a […]

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How to Overcome 5 Real Estate Investing Fears

Posted by Michael Lawrence // February 16, 2016

real estate investing fears MicGil Property Solutions

We’ve all heard about the money people make in real estate, but few of us decide to get involved. Real estate investing fears stop us in our tracks and prevent us from stepping into this lucrative market. Luckily, the most common fears are easily overcome. Here are five solutions to five common real estate investing […]

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7 Things Realtors Need To Know About Real Estate Investors

Posted by Michael Lawrence // February 2, 2016

Real estate investor MicGil Property Solutions

Many real estate agents don’t understand the benefits of working with real estate investors. They don’t realize that a real estate investor is both a buyer and a seller and this can make for an extremely profitable partnership. Here are seven benefits real estate professionals should consider which make working with an investor an attractive […]

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Ottawa’s Winter Festival: Winterlude

Posted by Michael Lawrence // January 19, 2016

winterlude MicGil Property Solutions

Since 1979, Canada’s capital has attracted visitors to Winterlude, Ottawa’s festival celebrating Canada’s climate and culture. This year promises to be the biggest celebration yet and organizers expect over 600,000 visitors. Hundreds of activities take place at many sites throughout the city between January 29th and February 15th. The opening ceremony at 7pm in Confederation […]

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Real Estate Investing Part II: Residential versus Commercial

Posted by Michael Lawrence // January 5, 2016

real estate investsing MicGil Property Solutions

Many opportunities exist if you are interested in real estate investing. Most people think of houses or condos first, but commercial property is another option. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of residential and commercial real estate investing here so you can decide which suits you. Let’s explore the residential market first. Residential Advantages Less […]

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Real Estate Investing Part I: Condos vs Single-Family Homes

Posted by Michael Lawrence // December 15, 2015

real estate investing MicGil Property Solutions

If you are considering real estate investing you may be wondering which property is preferable: condo or single-family dwelling. Naturally, no clear cut answer exists as everyone has their own expectations and financial limitations. However, we offer the advantages and disadvantages of each here so you can decide which suits you. Let’s look at condos […]

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2016 Real Estate Trends To Watch In Canada

Posted by Michael Lawrence // December 1, 2015

2016 Real Estate Trends MicGil Property Solutions

Canadian real estate constantly ebbs and flow and many wonder what 2016 real estate trends could affect the market. Our low dollar and the dip in oil prices negatively affected oil rich Alberta, but many believe it will have positive effects for the east. Shift to the East Vancouver retains the top spot in the […]

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